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April 10, 2014 [OUTCAST] - Outcast Reboot-HD Kickstarter

The Kickstarter campaign for the Outcast Reboot-HD has started!
The campaign will end on May 7th and has a goal of at least $600.000.
In addition there are several strech goals (Including a whole new "Kizaar" region for $1.700.000).

Please support Outcast and back the project on Kickstarter.


February 19, 2014 [OUTCAST] - Outcast HD-remake

Outcast will be rebooted as a HD-remake of the original 1999 game.
Franck Saur has announced to several websites that the team is busy porting the code of the original Outcast game to their Fresh3D engine. It won't be a voxel engine anymore. There are not many details known at this point, but it seems that the game will be an enhanced version of the original game featuring additional content and state of the art technology. It is not yet known on which platform(s) the title will be developed.
It is expected that a kickstarter campaign to fund the game will be started very soon with more details on the project.
Stay tuned!

Gamona article (german) here
Gamestar article (german) here
Gamekult article (french) here
Daoka official Facebook page here


August 01, 2013 [OUTCAST] - New "Daoka" studio formed, will work on Outcast games

We're very happy to share that a new development studio called "Daoka" was formed from the people behind AMA Studios S.A. and former Appeal S.A.
They will soon reveal a project which has been in development since 2 years. We guess it's "Code Name Duality" from http://www.amastudios.be/games

In their Press-release they announce that they will soon start working on Outcast related games. Plural! So we might get more than just a sequel to the acclaimed action-adventure we all love from 1999. Stay tuned!

Belgian games industry veterans reveal their new studio

Gosselies, Belgium, August 1, 2013 – Games industry veterans reveal “Daoka”, their new development studio located in Belgium.

The new studio is the fusion of AMA Studios S.A. and former key people from Appeal S.A., the Belgian development house that created Outcast.

Daoka will soon reveal an exciting new project that the studio has been working on over the last two years, due to release in the near future on next gen console. Our new studio will also work on games related to the Outcast franchise. The rights to this much loved IP have recently been purchased by the games original authors who now continue to work and collaborate with us at Daoka.

Our studio is a worker cooperative and is run democratically. This creates ideal conditions for creative individuals to thrive and  contributes toward our common goal : delivering great games that are fun for players!

About AMA Studios S.A.
AMA Studios was a Belgian game developer that created two games using Kinect. Those games were published by Ubisoft. 

About Appeal S.A.
Appeal was the developer of Outcast. This studio was created in 1996 and unfortunately closed in 2002 due the impossibility to continue to work on Outcast 2.

About Outcast
Outcast is a critically acclaimed open-ended game that is described by his fans as being ahead of his time. Outcast was released in 1999 on PC by Atari.


July 03, 2013 [OUTCAST] - Outcast will be continued!!!

Today the Yody truly bless us!!! A miracle might actually happen. The three original Outcast fathers have reaquired the Outcast property an thus could possibly start working on an official sequel and/or remake.
We let you know if we can find out any more details on this exciting development. 14 years after it's initial release, Outcast seems to be continued after all!

Original authors have acquired the Outcast Intellectual Property
July 2, 2013

“Outcast” to get a new life
Yann Robert, Franck Sauer and Yves Grolet announced today that they have recently signed and closed an asset purchase agreement with Atari Europe SAS regarding Outcast intellectual property.
Yann, Franck and Yves, the three founders of Appeal S.A., the studio that developed Outcast, have started the revival of the franchise and will soon announce further developments.


September 19, 2010 [OPENOUTCAST] - "Oasis 1.1" demo released

The Eternal Outcasts team has been very busy.
Today the've released their second tech-demo of their fanmade Outcast sequel.
The demo features two regions (Oasis and Okasankaar), the new traveling system, new HUD, quest-, interaction- and dialodue system. It is fully voiced and available with english, german and french subtitles.
There is still a lot work to do to finish this game. So please help them make it real!

You can download OASIS 1.1 here.
Note: to run the game you need to have CrysisWars v1.5 installed!
All details about the project and the tech-demo can be found on their modDB website.
Additionally you can join the discussion on the official message board.


April 20, 2010 [OUTCAST] - "Outcast" re-released on gog.com

Today is a good moon for new and old fans of Outcast.

The original Outcast game from 1999 was re-released on gog.com
This downloadable release is the first to be compatible with both windows xp & vista 32 and 64 bit.
Older versions of the game were only playable with minor and/or major bugs.
The game-file itself is 1,3 GB and comes for the fair price of only $5,99.
If you buy the game you'll have access to some nice bonus material including the game's manual, making-of etc.

If you want to play Outcast on new PC systems go ahead and buy it here.


February 11, 2010 [OPENOUTCAST] - "Oasis" demo released

This is a good moon for Adelpha!
The long awaited first demo of OpenOutcast called "Oasis" was released today!

You can download OASIS here.
Note: to run the game you need to have CrysisWars v1.5 installed!
Additionally you can join the discussion on the official OASIS message board.


January 11, 2010 [OPENOUTCAST] - "OASIS" trailer released

Fans of Outcast have been waiting for this for a long time!
The developers of OpenOutcast have released their first teaser trailer for their first demo called "OASIS".

"OASIS" will feature a completely new map in the Outcast universe and offers some fun gamplay. A programmar stated that "instead of bringing you half-assed (actually one-fourth-assed ) finished Okriana we decided to create a smaller yet complete map based on the available content".
The demo is expected to be released in January 2010.

Be sure to check out the brandnew "Oasis" - teaser on Youtube.
The OpenOutcast dev team can also be found on Twitter.

OpenOutcast is a project which is being developed by fans of original "Outcast" (1999) developed by Appeal. Since the original sequel "Outcast - The lost Paradise" was canceled in 2002, a group of fans decided to make an own continuation of Outcast. Their goal is to create a game that is as fun as the orignal, at the same time utilizing modern technology (CryEngine).


June 14, 2008 [UPDATE] - Planet-Totems is up and running

It was about time for something new! Our new Planet-Totems site opens it's doors. All Totems related content will be found here: http://www.planet-totems.net
Our message boards are always open for new and old fans to join our fan community!
Planet-Adelpha will stay as our Outcast fan portal and online Archive. We hope for some news about OpenOutcast soon! Stay tuned!


February 10, 2007 [OPENOUTCAST] Tech-demo released

After 3 years of developement the team of OpenOutcast has released it's first playable Tech-demo called oOC 0.1 Gandha. You can walk around in the game yourself and see everything in action. Two demo Regions (Shamazaar, Ranzaar) are included. On some hardware/operating systems (some ATI cards for example) things may be displayed wrong or the application might crash. The Tech Demo is there for the purpose of getting an overview what's there so far and shouldn't be treated as a stable game. If you can locate and reproduce error sources the team will gladly apply patches to it. The team is working on the next tech demo already. To download Gandha 0.1 follow this link.